Mercury Aviation Israel Ltd. Was established on 2002 as a joint venture of Mercury Air Group Inc. based in Los Angeles California, a global leader in aviation services And Shavit Industries an Israely tank and fueling equipment manufacturer.

Since 2005, Mercury is in equal partnership of Mercury Air Group, Dor-Alon and ORL (Israel Oil Refinery).


Mercury Aviation Israel is the leading into plane operator at Ben-Gurion air-port, handling 50% of its traffic.

Mercury's  into-plane fuelling services have a proven record in the understanding and implementation  of  the requirements and responsibilities in maintaining aviation fuel systems, in compliance with high standards required for aviation:

-          JIG 1
-          JIG 2
-          ISO 9001
-          IATA fueling standards

We provide fueling services 24 hours a day 7 days a week, focusing on safety, cost control and environmental compliance.


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